A “Conscious Filmmaker” is an artist with the aware intent to create media imbued with an enlightened purpose.  The Conscious Filmmaker creates film, television or interactive media that motivates, persuades, and/or provokes transformative thinking in the viewer or user – that will result in the enrichment and conscious evolution of society and the world.


An enriched and evolved society is one in which loving kindness and compassion are the norm, and practiced both individually and culturally, while guiding all legal, civic and governmental structure and policy. It is one that is inclusive. It is one that is kind, respectful and tolerant of all people, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, faith tradition, social class, economic status, spiritual belief or non-belief.

Some Conscious Filmmakers can be said to be “awakened” and committed to a higher purpose. They sense themselves “called” to work towards manifesting an enriched, evolved society locally, nationally and internationally.  In the awakened Conscious Filmmaker this stems from a “conscious” awareness to leverage his/her gifts, talents, technical and aesthetic capabilities in a purposeful manner.

Not all filmmakers who can be called “Conscious” are necessarily awakened to such purpose. For them the “conscious” aspect of filmmaking is not so much a state of being as it is a state of flow, and execution. In other words, the conscious work just simply “happens”, and that filmmaker has served as a creative (sometimes serendipitous) “conduit” for the production of such media.

An “awakened” Conscious Filmmaker® embraces and accepts that there is a deeply meaningful foundation to life, and the majority of his/her productions in some way will reflect or communicate such meaning.   And the awakened Conscious Filmmaker also accepts that there is a definitive qualitative aspect to the “Conscious” nature that inspires such films.

This awakened “Conscious” nature is defined as the recognition of a deeper “presence” within.   The “presence” can be defined through the lens of any faith tradition or spiritual orientation as either God, Christ, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Atman, Sophia, Higher Self, Ground of All Being or any number of other names ascribed to an assumed, existing and conscious, all loving power or source that spiritually oriented people inherently recognize as transcendent, eminent, immanent, eternal and infinite.

Being “Conscious” in this definition is the awakened recognition of one’s inner purpose, through an experiential sense of belonging and oneness with that divine, deeper or higher presence.  Such awakening guides individual growth and transformation that causes not only spiritual evolution, but a desire to work towards the evolution, transformation and enrichment of society and the world.


© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez


Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  

  1. Jonathan Kramer says:

    David.. I just want to let you know how much I believe in conscious film making. Would love to chat with you sometime about the topic. Jonathan Kramer

  2. splendid,i just stumbled onto this, in the world of cut throat “film making” where commerce precedes over content this seems like an oasis in a desert,my background includes a series on human rights and women’s empowerment..and recently co-scripted a film on one of the most amazing humanitarian acts on saving lives of war children in world war -2,would love to chat further on creating a form/platform for supporting conscious responsible fil makers from around the world …imtiaz

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