A Manifesto for Conscious and Progressive Free Enterprise

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

the "conscious filmmaker"®

Revised and Updated – June 17, 2014

Though I’m a principal and partner in a film production company, I do not consider myself a capitalist. I’m a “progressive free enterprise” practitioner and advocate. There is a difference. Pure capitalism is a practice devoid of compassion wherein maximum monetary profit becomes a twisted governing morality. Conscious and Progressive free enterprise seeks a holistic compassionate outcome, where profit alone does not in and of itself constitute success.  Rather, success in a progressive free enterprise context is accomplished as a result of fulfilling the following goals:

a.  No employee or contractor exploitation.
In other words a progressive free enterprise company engages in a fair revenue sharing program with its employees and valued independent contractors.

b.  Enhancing the life of the community around which a business operates.
A progressive free enterprise firm gives back to the community and society as a whole……

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