The Soul of “Conscious Filmmakers” – What Motivates us to Create Conscious Media?

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

I am that I-AM… At some point in our development, whether through pain, or a sudden gifted awakening, the hazy fog of ego lifts and begins to reveal that awareness.

It is singularly the greatest truth we can ever grasp. And all of it is rooted in absolute consciousness. All the great divine teachers from Christ to modern day prophets like Tolle, recognize this state as our authentic home and deepest, eternal expression of be-ing. In ancient writings it has metaphorically been referred to as “the kingdom of heaven” within – a kingdom that’s not simply an afterlife reward as a result of religiously following a prescribed dogmatic path; but rather it is a “kingdom” accessible and applicable in the here and now – to all people, period.

Such Consciousness that manifests this kingdom, when filtered through the density of human experience in our “chosen task”, absolutely transforms – and transforms those awakened to it – absolutely.

And what is this “kingdom” like? It is the kingdom where proverbial swords are beaten into plough shares, the lame walk, the blind see, abundance abounds, only tears of joy are shed, there is no discrimination between races, origins, religious beliefs or disbeliefs on any level. Quite simply put: The law of love is the only law that is freely accepted and practiced – never having to be enforced.  And it embraces all – Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, Athiest, or any other “ism” that exists.  It is a law that transcends all barriers.

The entire world could experience such a transformation today simply through awakening without fear to the consciousness of knowing who and what we really are… Once we come to that understanding we are compelled to act, and to make our lives and our careers work towards the conscious positive transformation of the world.  Pursuing such a path is never about ego.  For those of us who choose filmmaking as our journey, we are storytellers who use the tools of media to speak truth to the hearts and minds of our audience.  And it’s an ongoing awakening to consciousness for both the filmmaking artist and the audience.  It calls us to see our filmmaking role as a committed vocation – truly not unlike a priesthood.

For me personally, expressing my work as a “Conscious Filmmaker” is my life’s task. It is what I know, and without any choice on my part, it is what I do best. Those of us who work in media, and have enough realization of both our conscious selves, as well as the power in what we do, bear a responsibility to deliver the truth we know to the world. But, we don’t have to be dogmatic about it.

We don’t have to beat people over the head with the truth that has come to us through awakening awareness… Rather, we can continue the work of teachers like Christ – telling the truth in benevolent “Trojan Horses” packaged in the form of modern day parables. Such films and television programming are either intentionally or inadvertently made every day.

I celebrate the ongoing revelation to each viewer whose thought processes actively participate in the message of the special “celluloid” visions – that serve as one more tool “Consciousness” uses to awaken the world.



The Three Foundational Elements of a “Conscious Filmmaker”® Motion Picture – that are also found in the most successful movies of all time…

© – David Christopher Loya 

Conscious Filmmaker® is the registered trademark of David Christopher Loya

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  1. mamasue1111 says:

    How marvelous is your gift not only of film making, but inspiration. High caliber, enduring wisdom… imparted with such love for the world. Thank you, David.

  2. Frank Frost says:

    Nicely done, David. In synch with Teilhard de Chardin, subject of our current project. Check out

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