In My Experience

Posted: July 23, 2013 in Conscious Didacticism

In my experience the most “Christ-like” people have been those who never mention His name, nor volunteer any information about their affiliation with any religion…

In my experience the most virtuous are more than tolerant… They are respectful and compassionate to all beings, and all ways of genuine human love and sensual expression.  They bear no shame, nor accept no shame for their human sexuality. They know consenting erotic touch and connection to be natural and good; and the pleasure of authentic intimate love to be among the greatest gifts of our incarnated selves.

In my experience the fiercest and most noble warriors have been those who walk, humbly… quietly.   They will not even tell you that they’re warriors.  They’d rather be known as peacemakers. Without compromising honor they will do all they can to avoid physical confrontation. It is always a last resort; because they possess the knowledge and ability to wield swift and deadly force using only their bodies.  You see, a true warrior will never have need to conceal a weapon, and most will never have to use a weapon.

In my experience the greatest leaders are those who have no inclination to dominate, intimidate, nor even ask to be followed.  They shine a light in an area once dark, and people are naturally attracted towards what the light reveals.

In my experience real artists often doubt themselves, though they relentlessly pursue the mastery of their craft. They can be self-deprecating, intense, often misunderstood, engage in almost pathological reflective introspection, are full of passion; and yet, often feel un-empowered, and silently, if not overtly suffer because of what they see; while they pine for the visions they know can be…  In my experience too many call themselves artists, but are devoid of the substance necessary for substantive manifestation.

In my experience…

It is the vile who will indiscriminately wave a sword of religion…

It is the self appointed crusaders of “purity” who will be among the most perverse and prurient beings, hiding their repressed, truly wretched propensities behind the mask of “faith-based” puritanism…

It is the weak and cowardly who will announce themselves as warriors – while victimizing only those they can victimize…

It is the despots and demagogues who will demand unwarranted allegiance to false leadership…

And, it is the barbarians who are too quick to call themselves artists.

In my experience…

It is the way one lives, and not the way one claims to live, that will always quietly shout the greatest truth of his or her be-ing.

© – David Christopher Loya

Conscious Filmmaker® is the registered trademark of David Christopher Loya
All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Susan says:

    I agree… the way one lives is important, but Most important of all is self responsibility. I often feel badly for people who have been tainted by religion. In some many ways I’ve been spared that sort of imprinting, thus allowing more freedom to choose for myself… and, yet, even that’s not easy… Thank you for your POV. Overall, I want to say that I find the entirety of your blogs brilliant and inspiring.

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