“Conscious Filmmaker”® Classic Movie Clip of the Week – JUNO

Posted: November 20, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Movie Clip of the Week

Definition of a “Conscious Filmmaker”
An artist with the aware intent to create motion pictures imbued with an enlightened purpose.  

Juno is a little gem of a movie.  This is a recent classic – hitting the theaters during the 2007 holiday season.  No other film has ever dealt with the subject of teenage pregnancy in such a comical, refreshingly authentic and poignant, life-affirming manner.

Legendary movie critic, Roger Ebert, describes the motion picture as follows:  “I don’t know when I’ve heard a standing ovation so long, loud and warm as the one after Jason Reitman’s Juno, which I predict will become quickly beloved when it opens at Christmas time, and win a best actress nomination for its 20- year old star, Ellen Page. It’s the kind of movie you almost insult by describing the plot, because the plot sounds standard and this is a fresh, quirky, unusually intelligent comedy about a 16-year-old girl who wins our hearts in the first scene. Page plays Juno, who gets pregnant, and–no, that’s not it at all. Every element in the movie including her getting pregnant, and her non-boyfriend, and her parents, and the couple that wants to take the baby for adoption, is completely unlike any version of those characters I have ever seen before. And the dialogue is so quick and funny you feel the actors are performing it on a high-wire. It was so much fun to sit with a huge audience that laughed not just in good humor, but in appreciation and sympathy. Her boyfriend, played by Michael Cera, is so clueless that Juno translates that as “not being like everyone else.” Her father and stepmother, the superb character actors J. K. Simmons and Allison Janney, are older, wiser and funnier than a teenager’s parents are ever allowed to be. The hopeful adoptive couple (Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman) are the opposite of what you’d expect, and then turn out to be the opposite of that. And the whole story is textured within a school year that focuses the growing-up that Juno has to do.”

Juno is an especially conscious film because it raises our awareness of the sheer burden and vulnerability of a teenage girl, who courageously fulfills a personal commitment to carry her pregnancy to full term – even as she encounters unexpected and even tragic developments with the couple who had arranged to adopt her baby.  Yet, in the midst of understandable angst and anxiety on her part, she still maintains strength, poise and an indomitable wit. The acting is absolutely dead on authentic, and the direction by Jason Reitman is fresh and vibrant.  After viewing Juno you can’t leave that movie without feeling great about life.

The scene I chose (see link below) takes place right after Juno tells her parents she’s pregnant, and she continues to explain her plans to them.  At age sixteen, Juno has it all figured out.  She’s not going to terminate her pregnancy… And she and her best friend found a suitable adoptive couple in of all places – The Pennysaver!   Enjoy.

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