Simple Formula for a “Life Calling” Manifestation

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Motivations

What is a life calling?  It is exactly what you have been placed upon this planet to achieve.  It is your vocation.  In a very real sense you are called to be a “priest” or “priestess” of that endeavor.

A calling may have ego mixed into it, but ego will never be a conscious contributing element to the success you seek. Many pursue certain goals that are motivated purely by ego. And ego is often fueled by pain born from a sense of lack of acceptance, or even abandonment.  It takes enormous courage to be honest with oneself in conducting such self examination.  When an endeavor is pursued fueled only by ego –  it’s like attempting to run a marathon after being nourished solely on a diet of gummi bears and cheap beer.  You may start out strong, but you’ll never make it.

How do you know your true calling?  First of all it will be related to something you’re already good at.   And it’s often some gift or talent that’s also already been confirmed by impartial parties.  You will find validation of your abilities outside of your close family and friends.  Such validation may start there, but eventually others will notice and can’t help in some way or another to acknowledge the light of your gift shining through.

The next step is to understand and embrace the process that makes manifestation of your “life calling” possible.  And, based on my own experience, I sum it up this way:

There is nothing more assured in its manifestation than an endeavor ignited by passion, empowered with genuine knowledge, and pursued with enthusiastic unrelenting perseverance.

Yes, if you truly seek to achieve your life calling  then measure your methodology by the above litmus test.  That is what it takes.  Nothing succeeds like intelligent action.  I refer to it as The Three “P’s” of Success:

1. PASSION – for your calling.  Either you have it or you don’t.  If you have to ask what such passion is or feels like, trust me, you don’t have it.  Look deeper to find your real calling.

2. PREPARATION.  That is what’s referred to as genuine knowledge.  Passion is not enough.  You must be willing to take the time to learn, practice, rehearse and understand better than anyone else every facet of your calling.  Learn how it’s reached… Understand what to do when you get there… And prepare with uncompromising intensity to be the best at it that you can possibly be.

3.  PERSEVERANCE.  I like to add the adjectives “enthusiastic” and “unrelenting” when describing this kind of perseverance.  It’s the kind  that never gives up.  Enthusiasm is vital here… It’s a word derived from Greek that in its meaning literally was once defined as “possessed by a god”.   Manifestation requires that kind of divine intensity and inspiration.  There is no room for failure.  If something doesn’t work the third, fourth, fifth even one hundredth time… You keep going… However, don’t keep attempting the same strategy over and over again expecting different results.  That’s the classic definition of insanity. Rather, with each setback, learn how to adapt and evolve.  And remember with each obstacle encountered, you’re still one step closer to the manifestation of your calling.

This is more than just a roadmap to achieving your ultimate goal.   This is about actualization… It’s literally about evolving into the real you.  The “you” you’ve been called to achieve, and the you that the world needs and is waiting for… But you don’t need to wait any longer.  Let go and BE.

© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  

  1. so true so true – more affirmation for me 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    Thanks David, truer words have never been spoken. I enjoy your thoughts, words and outlook. May your 2012 see you climb even higher and soar among the clouds.

  3. mamasue1111 says:

    Wise words indeed. We are each in the process of becoming our highest and best selves – and of course we gain much headway by doing so consciously and purposefully!

  4. maria dalgarno says:

    Even if my comments are late (as I was just guided to your blog) I couldn’t agree more.
    I would just add one thought. I believe since we are made for eternity by our Creator
    the human spirit soars because it seeks to find the One who made us, the One who made us to accomplish great things in order to make this world a joyful, peaceful, fraternal place to live.
    Seems to me the job of we artists is to get this message to the masses!

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