Life Manifesto

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Wall Street - 10-6-11 - People giving themselves permission to be free.

Today, I have decided to live each day of my life, as though it were my last, and yet accomplish each task with a vision towards the hope it can bring to the future… for not only me, but for all others who can benefit from and be blessed with the fruits of whatever small gifts I have been given to share…

I will to my greatest ability work towards building a world and expanding the kind of consciousness that manifests the awareness which says we are all ultimately free… I want all to know that we can defiantly and triumphantly stand in the face of ego, disparagement from ontological zombies, and repressive religious, political and sociological constructs.  And I devote my gifts towards encouraging such conscious rebellion for the sole purpose of assisting the actualization of humankind.

All who are able to truly hear and see can at this very moment give themselves the permission to be free, once and for all; and be exactly who they were created to be…  And as each actualizes, he/she in turn can work to do the same for others… This is the life cause to which I am devoted.  It is my vocation, my priesthood… It is what I am here for… even if this were the last day of my life… Living this endeavor is the manifestation of my truest self… And so, from this point forward there will be little or no regret.  Like others now and before me, I work as a” lightmaker”.

I ask others to recognize the lightmaker within and join in this ultimate quest towards the full manifestation of an ineffable kingdom within us.  The world is restless… It is tired of waiting.  My gifts are limited… For me filmmaking is the methodology to spread the light of this knowledge… Those who understand the gravity of what I am invoking, your gifts are being called upon to do the same…

The time for Conscious Transformation is NOW.

© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

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  1. mamasue1111 says:

    “It is my vocation, my priesthood… ” Goosebump inspiring, and, as always, a pure gift for anyone who may stumble across it, this year or 100 years from now. Thanks so much for Being, David.

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