A Manifesto for Conscious and Progressive Free Enterprise

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Uncategorized

Revised and Updated – June 17, 2014

Though I’m a principal and partner in a film production company, I do not consider myself a capitalist. I’m a “progressive free enterprise” practitioner and advocate. There is a difference. Pure capitalism is a practice devoid of compassion wherein maximum monetary profit becomes a twisted governing morality. Conscious and Progressive free enterprise seeks a holistic compassionate outcome, where profit alone does not in and of itself constitute success.  Rather, success in a progressive free enterprise context is accomplished as a result of fulfilling the following goals:

a.  No employee or contractor exploitation.
In other words a progressive free enterprise company engages in a fair revenue sharing program with its employees and valued independent contractors.

b.  Enhancing the life of the community around which a business operates.
A progressive free enterprise firm gives back to the community and society as a whole… lifting up those who are the weakest or most unfortunate among us. And such a company is sensitive to the environment and engages in practices that are sustaining, life-giving and healthy for all.

c.  Providing customers with the greatest value.
Maximizing profit should not be the motivation. Rather, creating a balance wherein making a profit and delivering the greatest value is the goal.  Clientele should never be exploited.

I can’t imagine how any company practicing “progressive free enterprise” can ever be publicly traded within the context of the traditional Wall Street model.   This model, which demands ever increasing profits as the measure for success – is in and of itself unsustainable without the grotesque exploitation of billions.  And no, I am not a Marxist.  I believe in every individual’s right to pursue his or her’s dream or calling.  Often that is achieved through the creation of a business, i.e.,  free enterprise.  More and more, however, pursuing one’s calling through the conduit of a business is becoming a virtual impossibility for so many would-be, deserving visionaries and innovators.  Many (not all) big businesses in contrast practice “selective enterprise.”  In that context we have “collusion monopolies” controlling the supply and distribution chain.  And they are only growing stronger.

What I call for is a business revolution.  Until people are free economically to pursue the universal inherent right to achieve their highest human potential, we are deluded into thinking that we live in a free society.  Principled progressive free enterprise allows that to happen.  Employees are no longer exploited for their labor;  they become partners in their own actualization.  This is not about economics dictated by state planning; but rather, it’s economics dictated by the greatest good – which can be translated into manifesting the greatest dreams we all have been given to pursue.  I believe that progressive free enterprise will allow such dreams to prosper and flourish, more so than our current Wall Street bound system.  Government should not dictate the structure, but government certainly can become a partner in helping progressive free enterprise to flourish.

If government can more directly subsidize new business start-ups, eliminate the red tape of biz loans, and simply require a well thought out plan of execution and action, even providing a template for its completion – we could see an amazing economic revolution in this country.  And, there are a number of ways to create such a program which can also provide for accountability. And any public subsidy can even eventually be paid back as a small percentage of tax on ensuing profits after maybe the fifth year of operation. It would be like a kind of free enterprise social security, only well managed, where successful, formerly subsidized small businesses pay back into the system – which then of course frees up subsidies for the dreams of others to manifest.   In no way can this be seen as an entitlement program.  I’d call it an empowerment program.  It would be government at its best – working on behalf of the people and partnering with progressive free enterprise entrepreneurs.

In a progressive free enterprise society, I would encourage accountability review participation across all levels of society.  Any costs associated with implementing accountability and even certification,  should come from the free enterprise subsidy contribution successful businesses (which themselves were originally funded by such subsidies) make into the system.

Keep in mind that building a progressive free enterprise society also means that employment is kept locally. It means that we are not out to exploit the cheapest labor for the highest profit.  Companies that have outsourced to third and second world nations, did so, not because they weren’t necessarily making a profit using American workers.  Many did so because they could increase their profits by paying less (thus being rewarded within the Wall Street model).   Therein lies the moral failure of unconscious capitalism – wherein making a profit is never enough; and making the greatest profit is always the goal in the current system.  Not taking other factors into account results of course in the economic debacle we have now.

I encourage discussion on all levels for the implementation and manifestion of a true Conscious Capitalist, Progressive Free Enterprise System – a peaceful economic revolution that can transform society globally – resulting in the greatest human freedom for all.

© – David Christopher Loya

Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  


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