America’s Birthday – A Conscious Celebration

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Uncategorized

What has truly made America great in the noblest sense is not her land, nor her resources; not her military strength, nor her wealth…

No, the greatness we have, is the greatness to which we have aspired.

It is the greatness embodied in something completely intangible – the very ideas which gave birth to a nation, which not only placed the individual above government; but most importantly placed the protection of the most cherished human rights above all else;  so that each and every individual is never denied their divine right to fully actualize – to become who and what they have FREELY chosen to be.

That is what makes America different – and therein lies the seeds of her greatness.

On July 4th we celebrate the assertion of that difference. Yet, we still have a long way to go to fully manifest all those ideas, while making equality of opportunity a universal reality in our land…  But, we’ve had a hell of a head start!

And unlike any other country on earth, what conscious Americans also realize is that the United States is not a nation formed from any one race, nationality, ethnicity, nor even (do I dare say it?) religious tradition.  And that is truly a great thing!  We are bound together by something far more noble than an inherited ethnic, racial or religious tradition.  We are bound by what I call  “The DNA of America”.  That DNA consists of the very ideas and passions that molded and formed our founding documents – from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution and its accompanying Bill of Rights.   These inspired writings attest to a transcendent dignity of human kind, and to this day those documents remain at the forefront of democratic ideals upon which other countries model their own emerging representative governments.

One only need visit the National Archives in Washington DC and gaze upon the timeless words chiseled on faded parchment, whose ideas remain alive and brilliantly blinding to tyrannical, fascist or totalitarian ambitions.  One simply is not alive, if he or she is not viscerally moved by seeing the originals in person. Yes, in the end it’s her founding ideas that make America great, and it’s those founding ideas that are worthy of celebrating.  More so than any flag or boundary – those are the ideas worth fighting, and yes, even dying for.  When we fully understand the meaning behind our republic, there is nothing we can’t achieve as Americans.

So, let’s pledge anew those ideals which rightfully draw forth our patriotism, not as blind nationalistic fervor, but rather as a passionate enthusiasm for the full potential of our citizenry to continue this experiment in self-government called America – to perfect it, protect it and make it so exceptional that one day the rest of the world will join with us in creating a global community that can also be of, by and for the people.

© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

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  1. “The DNA of America.” Brilliant… per usual!

    May today be the impetus for many U.S. citizens who have “gone astray” to think again (think for themselves!) and embrace REAL patriotism.

    • Sue, sorry about the approval process… Any comment you make has blanket approval from me… I have to do that to keep the spam away… and yes, I absolutely agree with you… Unfortunately “thinking” is a natural resource that has been exhausted at a rapid clip over the past thirty years.

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