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I will share something I never shared publicly before.  Have you ever wondered where the term “Conscious Filmmaker” came from?  It all began on February 14th, Valentine’s Day, 2007 .  It was the one year anniversary of my beloved mother transitioning from this life to the next.  Besides the fact I was still coping with the grief from the human loss of my mother, I could see that things were beginning to change for us as a company.  Vision4Media was transitioning from a production house that focused only on “commissioned”, that is “work-for-hire” productions, to a company that would pursue a more arduous course, and create it’s own original content and deliver it to the marketplace of ideas – with the hope that in the end, this is where we would find our own greatest truth, and success.

I was meditating, and in my meditation, I reached out to my mother.  I asked her, what can we do to differentiate this passion within, and use media to communicate on a deeper level.  And with thoughts cleared, and an open heart, two words appeared in my mind…. “CONSCIOUS FILMMAKER”.   (Yes, it was in all caps.)   🙂

My heart started beating rapidly… I exited my meditative state and walked over to my computer and immediately checked to see if that term was even in use, and if the URL was available. To my utter amazement – the term was not being used at all!  And in fact all URL permutations were available!  So I registered, .tv, .org… and I proceeded to trademark the name.  This was my mother’s gift and it wasn’t intended just for me.  Knowing my mother and who she was and even still is, Mary would’ve wanted all to benefit from and evolve one another, and others, through embracing such an ethos.

As I write this, we are at a crossroads.  Our initial crowdfunding campaign was successful enough to raise nearly $2000 towards a $39,000 goal to shoot 18 pages of an amazing motion picture script written by Gary A. Bickal, an acclaimed screenwriter and multiple Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist.   Because our allotted time to raise these funds expired, all pledges were returned, as we now prepare to relaunch our campaign.

In today’s world, depending on how one looks at it,  the funds we seek to raise, is certainly not that much money … In fact, it’s an insignificant amount when compared to a $17 trillion U.S. economy, and the endless abundance that Providence certainly can provide.

In my latest blog article ( regarding our quest in pursuing the creation of “Conscious Filmmaker”® entertainment.  I wrote the following:

“When we first decided to place our project on Kickstarter we had conducted what we thought was more than sufficient research.  We viewed all the most successful projects.  And then told ourselves, “We can do that!”  In fact, we knew that in some ways we could do even better.  But we missed something.

What we subsequently learned was that these successful projects already had prior hugh networks in place.  We had no such advantage.  In fact the most successful crowdfunded feature in Kickstarter history was launched by the wife of an actor on one of the most successful sitcoms on TV.  And a star was already attached.  Between those two actors there were already tens of thousands of Twitter and Facebook followers.  Add to that support their connections within studios and the advantages were overwhelming, as compared to a scrappy little company like ours with no such connections, but a long and multiple award-winning track record.  We are doing our very best in leveraging all our friends on Facebook, our Twitter accounts, my existing blog, and LinkedIn to bring attention to our cause.”

As we prepare to relaunch, more than ever I want to emphasize, that our film production endeavor is worth it.  The need to create this kind of message trumps the interests of the rich, powerful and connected. Alone, we may be none of those things… but with you joining us on this journey, we are all more than triumphant.

In order for a “Conscious Filmmaker” motion picture movement to succeed, it must be, first and foremost, a people’s movement.  It needs to be adopted as YOUR MOVEMENT.

Of course, it would be completely disingenuous for me to say that my commitment to a Conscious Filmmaker ethos is not personal.  I can’t apologize for that.  It is.  But being personal to me, does not exclude the fact that I greatly desire for the world to be able to share in the light and transformative effect that such a commitment can have on others.

There has been no more powerful a means on how we choose to behave, the ethics we choose, even the faith paths we follow than the medium of stories.  Since the dawn of our time here, we have found ways to define ourselves, our limits, and our eternal nature through stories.  Motion pictures at their core are stories.  Jesus himself, I believe, would be a filmmaker today.  All scripture is what?  Stories.  All movies are what?  Stories.

We have an unprecedented opportunity in history to leverage the power of communication mediums that can reach out into the furthest regions of this planet… mediums that we could have never imagined just a generation ago.  Hand held devices, hand held tablets, digital theaters, … even holographic projections from devices that will be as small as a wristwatch, which will soon be available – all these with the power of instant access to OUR stories – through the power of the greatest communication medium in history – our Internet.  Yes, now is the time.  We can do this.

That’s the vision… We can do this.  I don’t merely believe… Belief often times is blind and ignores all other circumstances, and there are times in our life when that is necessary… No, rather, this effort takes faith… Strong faith.  That I have.  And I know you as my friends share that same strength of faith, and together, that faith is an unstoppable force of light, that the world can’t ignore.  Help me, help us, illuminate the greatest truths through the power of storytelling… through the power of motion pictures that will serve as modern parables that will deliver great transformative and conscious truth.

And if for no other reason, let’s make history together!  To this date, I know of no other motion-picture project that will have raised so much money through crowdfunding, that wasn’t in some way deeply connected to the Hollywood motion picture industry.  We are not.

We are proudly and unashamedly independent.  Completely independent.  We answer to no Hollywood studio politics or agenda. And we will remain that way.  Stand with us, won’t you?  Let Vision4Media become the people’s studio.  We will make films created to both entertain and to enrich… enrich you, your friends, family, loved ones, children and generations to come with stories that will enlighten and recognize the deepest truths within all of us.

Many of you have already generously pledged to our initial campaign.  And to you, you have my deepest gratitude, recognition, and a depth of appreciation I can never express through any words.  Others believe in what we’re doing, but for whatever reason did not pledge.  I understand.  And I also know that for many even a $1.00 pledge can be a difficult sacrifice given the harsh economic times you may be experiencing… And again, I understand…But everyone who reads this, whether or not they have the ability to contribute a pledge, does have a resource that transcends any amount of money.

And that is the POWER TO ADVOCATE. Some of you have already done both.  You have pledged and advocated and continue to advocate, and to you I owe a debt of gratitude beyond my ability to repay.  Thank you.

But I must continue to implore all my friends, with the greatest depth of passion, love and commitment within me to please continue to advocate… and if you haven’t done so, I kindly ask you, with a great urgency to start.   Let’s get this first of many “Conscious Filmmaker” movies made – which in turn will be your movies.  Yes, you can join in the role of a co-producer with me to manifest a new era in motion picture entertainment.

How do you advocate?…  I will soon let you know how… as we redesign our crowd-funding campaign.

We’ll ask you to join with us, and help prove that this can be done.  That this is something YOU want.  Help us transcend and revolutionize the existing system of storytelling.  Let’s break through and overthrow the monopolies of class and privileged access, that prevent so many from bringing films to market with stories that need to be told.

Join with this revolution… and know that you CAN change the world.

© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  


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