The Quest to Expand “Conscious Filmmaker”® Entertainment

Posted: February 26, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Motivations

"An “awakened” Conscious Filmmaker embraces and accepts that there is a deeply meaningful foundation to life, and the majority of his/her productions in some way will reflect or communicate such meaning..."

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I define a true Conscious Filmmaker® as an artist with the aware intent to create productions imbued with an enlightened purpose. Such media includes motion pictures and television programming that motivate, persuade, and/or provoke transformative thinking that enriches an audience and encourages the conscious evolution of society.

An enriched and evolved society is one in which loving kindness and compassion are the norm, and practiced both individually and culturally, while guiding all legal, civic and governmental structure and policy. It is one that’s inclusive, kind, respectful and tolerant of all people, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, faith tradition, social class, economic status, spiritual belief or non-belief.

Some Conscious Filmmakers can be said to be “awakened” and committed to a higher purpose. They sense themselves “called” to work towards manifesting an enriched, evolved society locally, nationally and internationally.  In the awakened Conscious Filmmaker this stems from a deep awareness to leverage his/her gifts, talents, technical and aesthetic capabilities in a purposeful manner.

Not all filmmakers who create what can be called “conscious” productions are necessarily awakened to such purpose. For them the “conscious” aspect of filmmaking is not so much a state of being, as it is a state of flow, and execution. In other words, the conscious work just simply “happens”, and that filmmaker has served as a creative (sometimes serendipitous) “conduit” for the production of such media.

...Vision4Media Entertainment has embarked upon a path to create independent film works all driven by a Conscious Filmmaker ethos. We now have seven films in development ranging from documentaries to dramas to science fiction...

An “awakened” Conscious Filmmaker embraces and accepts that there is a deeply meaningful foundation to life, and the majority of his/her productions in some way will reflect or communicate such meaning.   And the awakened Conscious Filmmaker also accepts that there is a definitive qualitative aspect to the “Conscious” nature that inspires such films.

This awakened “Conscious” nature is defined as the recognition of a deeper “presence” within.   The “presence” can be expressed through the lens of any faith tradition, ontological awareness or spiritual orientation as either God, Christ, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Brahman, Sophia, Higher Self, Ground of All Being – or any number of other names ascribed to an assumed, existing and conscious, all loving power, Presence or Source, that is inherently and knowingly recognized as transcendent, eminent, immanent, eternal and infinite.

Being “Conscious” in this definition is the awakened recognition of one’s inner purpose, through an experiential sense of belonging and oneness with that divine, deeper or higher presence.  Such awakening guides individual growth and transformation that causes not only spiritual evolution, but a desire to work towards the evolution, transformation and enrichment of society and the world.

It’s also important to define what a Conscious Filmmaker production isn’t.  It’s not a faith-based production.  A Conscious Filmmaker media work would never be so presumptive in its perspective to either proselytize or evangelize in the name of any faith tradition or creed.   Additionally, a Conscious Filmmaker production is not to be mistaken for a “family film”.  (Not that a Conscious Filmmaker® production can’t be a family film; however, it can’t be defined by such a genre.) Schindler’s List, which is perhaps the most conscious film ever made, is certainly not a family film, nor even “family friendly”.  And yet, it stands as a beacon of virtual perfection in terms of what a Conscious Filmmaker motion picture can accomplish.

My entire production career has been oriented from an awareness to create from a place of greatest consciousness within.  The choices I have made in the works I’ve created have all in one way or another been a reflection of my personal Conscious Filmmaker motivation.  Most recently, my company Vision4Media Entertainment (of which I am a partner) has embarked upon a path to create independent film works all driven by a Conscious Filmmaker ethos.  We now have seven films in development ranging from documentaries to dramas to science fiction.  Each film is highly entertaining and serves to enrich an audience, raising their awareness and encouraging positive transformation.

"Rocks, Snakes and the Art of Desert Cooking" is the first feature length motion picture that fully represents our "Conscious Filmmaker"® production approach. Click on the picture to learn how you can be a part of the "Conscious Filmmaker"® movement

We are taking this slate of films with us to the Cannes International Film Festival in May.   And as part of our marketing package we are planning on shooting and producing 18 pages from an exceptional script we have optioned from Gary Bickal – an extraordinary, award-winning screenwriter.   I encourage everyone reading this to learn more about our endeavor to introduce our unique brand of Conscious Filmmaker® independent movies to the world.  One of the first full-length features we are preparing to shoot is entitled Rocks, Snakes and the Art of Desert Cooking. I invite you to learn more about this extraordinary movie project by clicking on the picture above, or the link at the end of this article.  We are currently engaged in a special “Kickstarter” fundraising campaign that if successful, will allow us to shoot 18 pages from the “Rocks, Snakes…” script as a special presentation for the international sales agents, distributors and buyers at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Our campaign has a March 28th deadline… My hope is to virally expand the recognition for the need of on-going, Conscious Filmmaker movie production by securing enough small $1.00 online campaign pledges to reach our goal.  If after watching the very brief presentation, you find yourself resonating strongly with the message, I kindly ask that you go one small step further… Pledge a dollar and tell a friend.  Giving birth to a new era in filmmaking can only happen with your support.  Join us in our Conscious Filmmaker® campaign and help co-create conscious and powerful entertainment that can transform our world.    To do so, click here:


© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  

  1. Charmaine Sutherland says:

    BRAVO!! At last a producer with morals and a conscious despite the fact that the others does not struggle to raise funds for productions riddled with lies and violence. Well done and keep it up. namaste.

  2. Charmaine Sutherland says:

    BRAVO!!! At last a producer with morals and a conscious despite the fact that the others do not struggle to raise funds for productions riddled with kids and violence. Well done keep up the good work and endless efforts to bring up the truth. namaste

    • Thank you do much Charmaine for your kind support of our efforts. It’s so greatly appreciated. I hope you don’t mind but I want to address something of great importance which you mentioned. And I’m certain you were doing so within the context of what would be considered wanton and unconscious….

      But so that others are clear, I very much want audiences to understand that a “Conscious Filmmaker” work is not necessarily devoid of violence. However, you will never see a motion picture created with a Conscious Filmmaker approach that contains gratuitous violence, simply for the sake of violence… I used the example of Schindler’s List as perhaps the most conscious film every made. And I want to use another another example, and that’s Saving Private Ryan – another Spielberg film which came on the heals of that Schindler’s List. It’s another shining example of a very conscious film.

      However, both films contain a tremendous amount of violence, and neither are family fare. But I ask, what was the greater message contained and communicated? Did it change our thinking or give us something new to think about? Were those films transformative in any way? Did they enrich us? The answer of course is a resounding yes. Sometimes it’s necessary to show violence within the context of truth, in order to awaken a sleeping audience.

  3. mamasue1111 says:

    Bravo, indeed! The film industry is as thirsty for a “Conscious Filmmaker” as the desert is for water. You certainly have my support.

    • Sue, I can’t thank you enough. You have no idea how much support and belief in what we’re doing means to me. Thank you for your friendship and kindness, and also thank you for being you. You are a rare one… and it’s not many who “get it.” I am truly blessed to know you. I only wish you lived closer! If you and Dave ever come to Cali, you have to let me give you a personal tour. Love you lots… and a million and one thanks again… You, my friend, are among the very few who give me the strength to continue this ongoing quest… otherwise I’d simply attribute it all to obsessive mental illness! You are the absolute best! You being in Oklahoma, actually gives me hope for your state. 🙂 God bless you always.

  4. […] Or this link:… […]

  5. Thank you for this wonderful sight. Congratulations on what you are doing. I too am a conscious film-maker and look forward to being part of what you are doing. All the very best to you. Penny

  6. chadsorg says:

    Reblogged this on Fishbowler and commented:
    Incredibly cool!

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