Be Guilty as Charged…

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Motivations

The following is something I posted on Facebook back in January of last year.   It holds more relevance for me today than ever before:

When led by light on your path both destined and chosen, walk that path, and do what you are called to do in life with such great passion; so that if you were to be indicted for that which you do, a jury of your peers would unanimously find you guilty as charged.

If “they” are not willing to drag you to prison, bound, gagged and shackled, while throwing away the key – then you’re truly not living the life meant for you.

© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

Note:  ANY advertising placed on any of these blog pages is not controlled by the author; nor does it necessarily reflect his opinion or ethos.  


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