My Religion

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Conscious Didacticism, Motivations

I have finally awakened to the following truth:   If I have any religion, it is the religion of “Life”.

I worship the very heart of its divine presence… I cherish its moments in exquisite, depthless wonder – gazing awestruck – stilled and silent in speechless, loving astonishment.

I am utterly and hopelessly in love with Life.  The very fount of it I embrace as my truest beloved.  And yet, I cannot merely embrace her, I must fully immerse myself in her presence, in one eternal sacred act of lovemaking, utterly inebriated by ethereal sensuality more real than mortal senses can perceive.  Such beauty so transcends what we mistake for clearest sight.

And for me to define her presence within any “faith-based” construct  would not only be arrogant, but would constitute despicable, savage and heinous sacrilege.  Let us never mistake any dogma for Life.  One says you must nail yourself to its signposts… the other simply and silently whispers in passionate, thunderous ecstasy…

“I Am” here.  Ani L’Dodi L’Dodi Li


© – David Christopher Loya – Bojorquez

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