The Miracle of the Greatest Message Born on Christmas…

Posted: December 24, 2010 in Conscious Didacticism

On this Christmas may we remember the message behind the “reason for the season.”

There is one resounding echo from the loving wisdom that Christ incarnate taught two millenia ago….

One foundational idea that is seeded deeply within every human soul that has breathed on this earth…

The great truth that if practiced universally – will herald the kingdom of peace and love that lives in all who have become deeply aware of Jesus’ message…

And that idea… that timeless echo… is found simply in the practice of loving compassion The compassion Christ spoke of was not a compassion born of pity.  It was, and is, a compassion of active empathy for all…  It is the ancient compassion, which when defined in accordance with Jesus’ ancient Hebrew tradition, meant to feel another as a mother feels a child in her own womb.   Reflect for a moment on what that truly means.

On this Christmas if we can remember that everyone of us shares a oneness more profound than we have ever realized… if we can connect to that truth…. then whether we are aware of it or not, we transform into the image of Christ – losing our former lives, and saving ourselves and the world by gaining a new life – born from a new consciousness – Jesus Christ’s consciousness…

And that new life… which creates and gives birth to a new world… begins with one word:


© – David C. Bojorquez


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