A Conscious Response to Duality – (the first in a series of essays I refer to as “Conscious Didacticism”)

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Conscious Didacticism

Duality is the foundational characteristic of maya. It is the manifestation of a supreme illusion that serves as the “existential ecosystem” which incubates, allows and even nourishes evil and suffering.. I think of our “reality” akin to the Russian nesting dolls.  Like the dolls it is a multi-dimensional, enigmatic, objectified creation. This maya serves as the larger doll within which is contained the “collection of duality manifestations”… The outer maya doll is the pervasive disease, not evil itself…

In a sense, M. Scott Peck had it right in viewing evil as a pathology… but it’s not the source of the pathology; it’s a symptom. And all other symptoms comprising even natural suffering result from the perceived existence to this objectified reality, which we experience through our physical nature… and many, though even deceased still will not let go, and thus continue to not only haunt us, but they themselves are haunted by the nightmarish manifestations that can result from this “mayic reality”.

The deepest truth to accept is that none of “this” really exists. It doesn’t. We are divinity experiencing the objectified reality we decided to create eons ago. It is difficult to remember, isn’t it? To overcome evil… we do not focus on battling it… We must recognize first and foremost that it is irrelevant… not truly real. Now does that exonerate us from not making all compassionate efforts to alleviate suffering? Of course not. We are to be the action of Christ consciousness to the world. And through our acts of love and healing we bring the salvation that emanates from a deeper knowledge: The good and best news is that none of this real! That’s what the “gospel truth” really means.”

When Jesus said, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” In His consciousness, which we can by volition choose to share, we transcend “this world.” Jesus speaks of the “I” as the Self – the Atman – the undivided… (the very breath of our be-ing) the subjective mode of consciousness; which is NOT a false predication of our true being (that in fact defines our ego); rather, it is as close a manifestation of the ground of all be-ing as one can experience in this physical life. And therein, within undivided God nature… absolute Brahman, lies no duality… no evil… no suffering can falsely predicate to exist.

Remember, the myth of the fall in the Garden of Eden, wasn’t because Adam and Eve thought by eating of the forbidden fruit they would become like God. Rather, the deeper message is the fall into “false predication”… That is what created perceived duality in the first place. You see, Adam and Eve were already like God… The original “sin” wasn’t biting into the fruit… the original sin was believing the illusory serpent… If Eve had responded and said, but we are already like God, there is no need to partake of a fruit that creates a falsehood – i.e. good and evil.

And yet, their act of defiance in many ways can be construed as a courageous act…an act which allows our divinity to further evolve because of the ultimate challenge we face to exist in the maya. It can only force us to grow. We thus struggle to manifest our Atman selves. The ancient root meaning of Atman is breath. Siddhārtha Gautama said, Life is “dukha”, which is often translated into, “Life is suffering.” But that’s a very poor rendering of the deeper meaning. Life is really “too narrow”… That’s the essence of the Sanskrit meaning of dukha. When applied to the subjective mode of consciousness, it really means that the unawakened illusory life is too narrow to… breathe… We cannot breathe as our Atman selves by embracing the maya. (That definition was inspired by a teaching I received from the philosopher, Yasuhiko Kimura – a former Buddhist priest.)

In my Conscious Filmmaker blog I have written the following:

There is no right, nor wrong. There is only consciousness. It is the primordial awareness that leads to joy. Its absence is the illusion that results in suffering.

Yes, it’s that simple, and yet as impossible to grasp as a hovering mist in front of your face. And the secret is that there is nothing (no-thing) to grasp. When we realize that there truly exists no-thing… only then do we awaken to EVERYTHING.

© – David C. Bojorquez



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