The Manifesto of Real Men… towards Women

Posted: October 28, 2010 in Conscious Didacticism, Motivations

There has been much written about a recent “Manifesto for Conscious Men” now on Facebook.   I read the manifesto; and although I absolutely embrace it in principle… the evils inflicted upon women have little to do with any notion of masculinity.  They have everything to do with cowardice and fear.   With that understanding, here’s my alternate conscious manifesto that defines a real man in relation to women:

Real men don’t abuse women… Real men embrace the feminine aspect and presence of women.

Real men respect and honor women and every aspect of them  – including their femininity, capacity for intuition, spirituality, nurturing and compassion.

Real men are not threatened by a woman’s power, but rather work with that power in a complementary manner in order to achieve a more loving, conscious and compassionate world.

Real men tell their daughters, wives and sisters that they can aspire and become whatever they desire; and real men ensure that a world manifests where all opportunities are gender blind.

Real men don’t have to prove they’re real men.  However, real men know that for them to be a man, a woman must be free to be fully a woman.

Real men refuse to see women as objects for merely sexual conquest and self gratification.  They stand as warriors against the cowardly vermin who do.   Real men know that for the expression of sexuality to be a holistic, ecstatic, and beautiful “life-giving” manifestation of divine love,  it can only happen within the context of a committed and intimate relationship… Anything less demeans the priceless value of such expression at best; and can be emotionally, and even physically devastating at worst.

A real man gives whole and complete, loving dedication to the one woman who has also given herself completely to him.  Real men know such a bond can never be broken.

Real men share the responsibility for any new life they create with a woman… and are true, dedicated and loving fathers to their children.  And real men demonstrate love and respect to the mothers of their children.

Real men see women as their equals…as partners, as absolutely precious.

Real men know that the existence of ALL could not be without the feminine force in the universe.  Real men not only embrace that reality, they worship it.

Real men understand that at the core of feminine power lies the seed of all creativity… and real men forever hold that sacred and honor it.

Real men are “conscious” men and maintain the necessary awareness to transcend sexism, and view women as equals, as gifts from divine providence… Real men know that it’s only in combining the efforts of both genders towards conscious evolution can all of humanity grow to share in the fullness of divinity.

© – David Christopher Loya


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