Definition of Ontological Consciousness…

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Conscious Aphorisms.

Consciousness is the awareness that seeks healing for all, the alleviation of suffering for all, unbridled eternal joy for all, the love of ALL, and the Oneness of ALL. Consciousness is the very soul of God revealed within ourselves.

© – David C. Bojorquez

  1. I think you’re right. But it’s hard to maintain that state. Actually, it’s hard to maintain an honest desire to achieve that state. It seems so at odds with ego.

    • You’re absolutely right… I agree it’s not only hard to maintain, it’s damn difficult to attain, and even those of us who are aware of this truth, only attain it for brief periods. And yet, there are some highly conscious people on this planet who have attained that level of consciousness, and of course the greatest avatars were the absolute embodiment of the above truth… But as you point out, it’s absolutely diametrically opposed to ego… the objectified state of consciousness… The good news is that that level of divine awareness is where we are all headed. And Jacquie, you make a marvelous point about desire… Tell you what I have come understanding, an epiphany even, regarding that very issue. I’m going to be posting on it very soon. Maybe I’ll share it with you when we talk tomorrow. 🙂

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